Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Calling All Moms!!
If you are like most moms, you probably take care of everyone and everything in your home. Not only can this be overwhelming, it can leave us feeling sluggish and exhausted. We sacrifice who we are, who we dream to be, all for the love of our children and families. We are always at the bottom of our personal priority list. This doesn't have to be. With my second child, I put my health and fitness on hold for years. My baby had special needs and a medical condition. I spent almost five years living in fear that I would lose my sweet baby girl. During this time, I rarely put myself first and my energy and overall lookout on life had become pretty doom and gloom. Now that my daughter is stable, healthy and thriving physically, I've moved myself up on the priority list. With the birth of my final child and only son, at 48, I decided to fight for the body and me that I love. I make sure I take a break from mommy duties and workout for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. I rarely take a day off, because that is MY TIME. Now I am fitter, stronger, more energetic and an overall happier MOMMA.

I'd love to help you get back on track. Please email me if you would like to try a free class. I have openings in my 6pm & 7pm classes. BUT, I also have other openings and a few slots for One-on-One training sessions. Personally, I think the moms in my classes love to be with other moms in a small group. It's more than just exercise. It's self-care, adult conversation and companionship. Plus, another benefit of working out in a small group is the support and instant accountability you will feel.

EMAIL ME: Bultron711@rcn.com

CHECK OUT MY CLASS SCHEDULE: www.daniellesdailyfitness.com

Friday, March 22, 2019

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The time to MOVE MORE and shed MORE is NOW!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


There are only 36 days until Spring, which begins on March 20th. 

Daylight Savings ends on Sunday, March 10th.

SPRINGis truly just around the corner! The time to trim down and tone up is now. If you have not kept up with your New Years Resolutions, I’m hoping to help you get back on track with a friendly competition and instant accountability. If you have at least 10 pounds to lose, this one’s for YOU. It’s up too you to eat clean, workout and weigh-in weekly! Let’s go!


1. Train weekly and weigh in weekly for 10 weeks. (must train at least once a week for 10 weeks)

2. Lose one pound a week or face disqualification. (accountability)


1. First person to lose 5 pounds will receive5 sessions FREE.

2. First person to lose 10 pounds will receive 10 sessions FREE.

3. Overall weight-loss winner will receive20 sessions FREE.


1. Email me today with your intent to compete. 

2. Weigh-ins start on Monday, February 18th.

3. Final weigh-in will be on Monday, April 29th.

* There is no cost. Only an opportunity for you to lose weight and win FREE SESSIONS. Competition is one of the best ways to stay committed, consistent and focused on your goals!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Week 2 of my Transform 20 workout challenge and I'm already starting to see some results. It's really hard and I almost dread today's BURN workout. Let's just say SUNDAY FUNDAY was really fun. Today I went to see an orthopedic doctor to look at my right elbow and left wrist. I've been in such pain when lifting weights, James and anything else that's heavy. I received a cortisone shot in both, so hopefully I'll be feeling a little relief soon. My left foot slipped off the step on Saturday and cracked my bunion. Maybe not cracked but it is swollen and sore to walk on. I put duct tape around my sock on that foot so I could finish the workout. The Dr says I should try making fist to do burpees and pushups, so that's what I'll try today. I don't know if it's old age or what, but I never remember feeling hurt in so many areas at once. It's enough to discourage the average person, but I actually feel inspired to keep getting after it. What I've learned is that, there is always something you can do, to get the desired results. In 2007 I tore my acl - which I never repaired. I was so determined to lose weight for my 2008 wedding that I did cardio by sitting on a stability ball and punching with weights. Sounds crazy, but it worked. At least until the swelling and pain went away and I was able to resume my usual cardio sessions. Another reason why it's so important to food journal and eat clean. I lost 20 pounds with out using my legs in the first month. I hope that you push through whatever might be ailing you and go for the GUSTO anyway. I'll be back later to share my workout results. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Today was hard. My heart rate got to uncomfortable level so I had to pause the tv a few times to catch my breath. BUT - I did better on all (3) transformers. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

A fact: I have worked out for a month straight with no days off and gained weight. I've experimented with not weight training for a month and gained inches of fat on my hips and waist. You name it, I've done it. All of these experiments are a part of my business and why I do what I do. I've tried no carb, low carb, high protein, etc. Truthfully, I like a well balanced diet which happens to be lower in carbs and sugar. The bottom line is still energy in (calories), energy out (calories burned). The saying, "You can't out run a bad diet" is totally true. The only time I make significant changes with my body is when I eat a clean, well balanced diet (1200 - 1800 calories) consistently for a 30 to 60 day period. It absolutely kills me when a client asks to just do abs or can we add more abs. It's an insane question. DIET is the only way to lose fat and inches from your unwanted FAT areas. No matter how many times you say it, still some people think that their bellies will shrink from doing extra abs. Ha! Good luck. That person doesn't want to eat clean and will probably end up getting liposuction or something. If eating bad distorts our bodies, why not try eating clean?
Just a thought....

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Day 2! Wow! Just watched today's workout on my computer, it's going to be tough. I decided to take Shaun T's 6 Week, Transform 20 Challenge because I'm not at my goal and I find myself self-sabotaging,  everytime I get really close. Why? I hope to "dig deeper" and not only find out why, but I also plan to push thru and crush my personal fitness and physique goals. Much to my surprise, my sore elbow did not hurt during any of the burpees or planks during the Day 1 workout yesterday. Now, I truly have no excuses.

Somedays are better than others, in regard to how I manage my stress level and ability to be present in my work and home life. Somedays I feel like I can't get a minute to myself. (little man hunts me all day) NOT COMPLAINING, but being a type A person - it bumbs me out when I don't get everything I want to get done, in each day. I'm getting better at accepting that I'm not perfect and I don't have to be. What I've discovered is that no matter how bad a day can be, it's always BETTER when I make time to workout. NO MATTER what!! Whether it's 20 minutes or 60 minutes, once I have a chance to sweat, ALL IS GOOD.

If you are up to your neck in kids, laundry and dishes or at a desk or job all day - Please TRY to carve out 20 minutes or more for your personal health. I know it's hard, but your the only one who can DO IT! Please TRY, I know you will feel so much better. Shaun's Transform 20 might be just what you need too. He's putting everything he's got into the rollout of this program. Go for it!! Stay tuned, I'll be back latter today so that I can let you know how I did with the day 2 workout......

UPDATE: Day 2 was a success! I did way better than I expected. It was faster, but watching it ahead of doing it definitely helped. Highly recommend. Also, I changed to a bouncy gel sneaker and put a strap on my glasses because they popped off a few times yesterday. I'm really encouraged for day 3.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

MUSIC is MOTIVATION! Music can instantly give you a lift and a new, enhanced energy. If you are not a fan of exercise or taking care of yourself, maybe it's time to update your personal, music playlist. Now there are all kinds of apps available to help you create the ultimate playlists: Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, etc. I can personally say that music has helped me prevent depression and sometimes, get out of it. Besides that, it just makes you feel better. Do you have a bluetooth speaker? Like JBL? I have one that I use when I'm in the kitchen. Try washing dishes or cooking with your favorite tunes pumping. Needless to say, it's a much better experience with MUSIC.

* Use music to lift your spirits, energy and determination level.

* And continue to kick ass!!

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