Wednesday, September 5, 2007

SHAQ'S BIG CHALLENGE, daily challenge....

Welcome to today's edition of Shaq’s Big Challenge. Everyone’s favorite NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neal, challenges you and your family to shape up and get healthy with tips, recipes, and more from his online program.

Family Fun and Fitness
What's the Point of Strength Training?

When you think of strength training, do you think of those muscle-bound bodybuilders who spend hours a day at the gym? That's one way to work with weights — but it isn't what we recommend for you and your kids. Strength training doesn't have to be about bulking up. When you're trying to lose weight, the goal of strength training is to maintain and strengthen the muscle you have.

You see, the goal of losing weight is to lose fat. When you go on a diet but don't get strength-building exercise, the pounds you lose will be both muscle and fat. But if you introduce strength training — both for you and your child — you'll drop the fat and keep the muscle. This will not only lead to a toned body but also a speedier metabolism, which will help keep the weight off.

In kids, strength training not only improves muscle tone, strength, and endurance but also strengthens bones, reduces blood cholesterol levels, and teaches them how to keep fit for life. The key is not to train your kids as if they're bodybuilders. Lifting very heavy weights can strain a child's muscles, tendons, and developing bones. The exercises that Dr. Carlon Colker developed for the kids on Shaq's Big Challenge don't even use weights or machines — they use a child's own body weight for resistance instead. That makes them a safe and effective starting point for your children. Check out the exercises and get your kids started today!

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