Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Re-capping my Monday. Shame, shame on me for not checking in. Coming back from the Cape on Mondays is crazy. Packing up and unpacking wears me out BUT - I still managed to have a fantastic exercise and nutrition day. I started my day with a 45 minute super, sweating SPIN workout - while Isabella napped. At 4pm I did 30 minutes of Combat kickboxing and it felt great. I thought my 5pm class and took my 6pm class. I don't know how I did all this, I'm so tired today. I think I was really wired because after all that, I barely slept last night, YIKES.

Today, TUESDAY - working on only a few hours of sleep, I have already managed a 60 minutes weight training workout and I've had a great fiber filled shake with the following ingredients: 1/2c. fiber one cereal, 2 c. baby organic spinach, 1 scoop About Time chocolate protein powder, 8 strawberries and 1 tbsp. of peanut butter. YUM YUM! Hopefully I will feel full for awhile - I feel a loss coming on soon. Isabella should be going down for her nap soon, so I have to be ready for my SPIN....stay tuned!

Isabella took a 90 minute nap, which was perfect for my 45 minute SPIN session and more time for me to fix lunch: baked tilapia with diced tomatoes and asparagus. I feel good. Now, the bulk of my exercise is done. I plan to do a little ZUMBA before I teach tonight.

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