Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get Going! 4 Tips on Achieving Your Goals
Get Going!

Are you having trouble getting started with your personal goals? I’ve received many letters these last few weeks from readers who say they don’t know how to stop procrastinating. They are unable to get going with The Eat-Clean Diet® Lifestyle, making it to the gym or completing the tasks they promised they would finish once the holidays were over.

I’ve compiled a quick list of tips you can use to get over the hurdles that are holding you back. Try them out – I’m sure one will work for you!

1. Break it down. Make a list of tasks you want to accomplish and break each one down into manageable details. For example, many of you have promised you will start following The Eat-Clean Diet® this January. It sounds like a big project but really it’s just a matter of going to the grocery store for fresh Clean foods, preparing those foods a few meals at a time, and then eating the meals throughout the week.

2. Be prepared. Take 30 minutes each evening to get ready for the next day. Pack your gym bag, fix lunches, set clothes out for the kids – anything that will de-stress your mornings. These 30 minutes will allow you to focus on each task so that nothing is left behind or forgotten. Having everything prepared will motivate you to eat theClean lunch you brought from home instead of buying food, and your packed clothes will make it that much easier for you to get to the gym after work.

3. Schedule reward time. Motivate yourself to complete tasks by scheduling fun time for yourself. The thought of spending extra time with my family is a huge motivator for me. I schedule fun activities with them on the weekends, and use that as a motivator to plow through my list of to-do’s during the week.

4. Don’t be afraid. Sometimes a task seems so big we’re afraid to attempt it. But that anxiety will linger longer if you don’t get started – so get down to business! Believe in yourself and your ability to conquer everything in your way. You’re talented, strong and amazing; don’t ever doubt it!

Use the tips I’ve mentioned above and you’ll do just great! I believe in you. Now get going!

Keep it Tight,

Tosca Reno

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