Friday, January 18, 2008

Ten Alternatives to a Nightcap
Are you sticking to the plan during the day but blowing your calorie count with a glass (or more) of alcohol each night? If so, try these alternatives to a nightcap from Fit Forever! members:

1. Go to bed earlier! You'll wake up feeling a lot better than if you'd stayed up drinking.

2. If you do have a drink, stick to just one. Otherwise, your willpower can take a plunge — and lead to late-night snacking.

3. Try a cup of hot tea instead. Go for a spicy, soothing variety and really savor it while you sip. There'll be no calories, but rather cancer-fighting antioxidants!

4. Drink a full glass of water before each alcoholic drink. You'll drink less alcohol, quench your thirst, and avoid a lot of calories.

5. Remember how crummy you feel in the morning after a few drinks! Thinking about that can stop you before you start!

6. Get a "busy hands" project going in the evening. Knit, needlepoint, scrapbook, or sort photographs. Your hands will be too busy to hold a drink!

7. If you can't resist it, don't keep alcohol in the house!

8. Brush your teeth after dinner. Mint and alcohol don't go well together!

9. Try to relax in other ways: Stretch, do a facial at home, take a bubble bath, write in your journal.

10. Take it one night at a time.

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