Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get a Great Haircut!
Wouldn't it be nice to wake up to a good hair day every day? A great haircut is the key! So how can you get the best cut possible? Make sure you:

Bring a Photo: Stylists say a picture really does speak a thousand words — at least when it comes to describing a hairstyle. A photo helps eliminate potential miscommunication, making sure that what you want is really what you get!

Work With Your Hair Type: Don't fight natural curls or struggle to bend straight locks. Instead, learn what cuts and styling techniques bring out the best in your hair. Why fight Mother Nature? Learn to love what makes your hair unique!

Give Positive Reinforcement: On those days when your hair looks its best, take a second to snap a photo from the front, back, and side. Take the pictures with you to your next hair appointment so your stylist can see how great his or her cut looks! It's sure to inspire another winning cut!

Trust Yourself: Finally, stylists advise that you not be afraid to trust yourself when it comes to decisions like color and length. Women often instinctively know what suits them best. So if there's a look you've been wanting to try — go for it!
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Food isn't the enemy; sitting still is! ~Denise Austin

DANIELLE'S COMMENTS: I love this sentence. Seriously, if you're New Year's Resolution was to start exercising and YOU haven't, GET MOVING> No more excuses. It doesn't matter if you drive a $99 stationary bike from Sears (like I did) or you go to the gym to use high-end equipment. Everyday is an opportunity to MOVE MORE. Go for it!

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