Saturday, September 8, 2007

SATURDAY: Denise's Fitness Flash...

Jog the Right Way!
Thinking of kicking your walking routine up a notch with jogging? You should! It's a great way to burn even more calories and reap additional cardiovascular benefits at the same time! But remember, the key to success — and to avoiding injuries — is starting off on the right foot! The experts at The American Physical Therapy Association offer these tips for new joggers:

* Alternate the pace. Gradually go between jogging and walking until you build up your endurance, rather than suddenly converting to jogging only!
* Do the talk test. If you can't carry on a conversation while you jog, you're pushing yourself too hard. Slow down!
* Look for give! For the sake of your joints, choose dirt, a rubberized track, or a similar soft surface over asphalt and concrete.
* Watch your feet. Keep an eye out for injury-prone obstacles like logs, rocks, and holes in your path. Be careful!

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