Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Biggest Loser.......

10 Ways to Think Like a Fit Person
When It Comes to Being Fit, It's the Thought That Counts
By Greg Hottinger MPH, RD, Biggest Loser Club Expert

How many times have you seen a thin person stuffing her face with a super-sized fast food meal and thought, "I wish I could eat anything I want!" The truth is that thin person is either 1) eating a very unusual meal for her lifestyle or 2) not as healthy you think. Thin people may have high blood pressure, heart disease, or may have a low fitness level. For this reason, why not strive for more than being thin? How about being fit and healthy as well? Fit and healthy people come in many different shapes and sizes and make a wide variety of food choices. Despite their differences, fit and healthy people are remarkably similar in the way they think! Here are 10 thoughts that fit and healthy people think:
3. “This is easy.” Fit people MOVE! The thought of walking to get somewhere is not foreign or averse. Being fit means daily activities and chores are less taxing and fit people revel in being able to do these things easily. Instead of avoiding mowing the lawn, chopping wood, or raking leaves, fit people look at chores as an opportunity to lift, squat, walk, lunge, twist, pull…you get the picture! Why wait to be in a gym? What you can do now: Pick an errand or task around the house that could be a "mini-workout". As you do it, think about the similarities to some of the movements you do at the gym. What skills and strengths that you’ve built at the gym are you now using in everyday life?
4. "I’d rather throw this food away than wear it." Healthy people do not succumb to the "all you can eat", "super-size", and "2 for the price of 1" traps around food. They know that bigger portions lead to eating more. So they either don’t buy or aren’t afraid to throw it away if they do. What you can do now: The next time you buy food away from home, think about getting what you actually need versus getting the most for your money. Leave food on your plate and say to yourself "I’d rather throw this food away than wear it."

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