Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shame, Shame, so sorry that I have been away from my computer. Mondays are a little crazy for me and it completely slipped my mind. I was at the cape this weekend and despite my less than flawless nutrition - I worked out on the stairclimber everyday and managed to lose 3 pounds - making my total 12. Since I started on July 7th, I will report my first month stats on Thursday August 7th. This was my breakfast this morning, simple, hot and yummy! I'm hoping to get in 3 workouts today, but it will depend on Isabella's napping time?
Stay tuned....

8:30AM - 3/4c. All whites scrambled with spinach, mushrooms, hot salsa and jalapeƱos.

12:30PM - 45 minute SPIN workout! Feeling good!

1:30PM - chocolate protein shake w/ strawberries/banana and 1tbsp. peanut butter. YUM!

4:00PM - 30 minute COMBAT workout. (kickboxing)

5:00PM - 60 minute Weight Training Workout.

6:30 PM - Grilled chicken w/ diced tomatoes/onions and seasoning. Garden salad and 5 brussel sprouts. Balsamic dressing.

* The scale was down another pound today. Needless to say, I was motivated - BUT I definitely was feeling fatigued.

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