Thursday, July 10, 2014


Well, besides being extremely sore, I am feeling motivated and more confident by the minute. It's amazing how good we feel when we are taking care of ourselves. Even though I teach not to neglect yourself during time of crisis or stress, that's exactly what I did for the past year. It seemed like bad news about Isabella's health was always lurking. Instead of fighting the fear with FITNESS, I gave into emotional eating and occasionally inactivity. I guess I did what I needed to do to cope? Yes, I wish I had chosen the healthier way to deal, but now I have the opportunity to create another amazing transformation and hopefully encourage a lot of you to do the same. Each time I feel vulnerable or weak, I remind myself how good it's going to feel to be lean again. Being able to wear all my "fit self" clothes is going to be amazing! Being able to order new vacation clothes or clothes in general is going to be GREAT! Besides that, I want to be fit for my Bug! A fit mom is a happy mom, a happy mom is a SUPER MOM! It's so on!!

8:30AM - 1/2c. lowfat cottage cheese, 1/2c. carb control yogurt.

1:15PM - egg whit scramble with spinach, peppers, mushrooms, hot salsa & jalapeƱos.

4:00PM - 30 minutes of cardio on the Cybex Arc Trainer.

5:00PM - 60 minute full-body weight training class.

6:00PM - 30 minute Combat (kickboxing) class.

7:00PM - Grilled chicken breast, asparagus, hot salsa & jalapeƱos.

* Not perfect, but this is way better that what I was eating previous to this challenge. Stay tuned!

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