Monday, April 11, 2011

Danielle's Daily Food & Fitness Journal

Day 8 - Spring Slim Down:

The results are in and I am 4 lbs. lighter after last week's efforts. This week my goal is to try different forms of cardio. I love the stairclimber because I can read while I'm climbing. Unfortunately, I don't burn as many calories as I would if I was doing kickboxing or using my Cybex Arc Trainer. In general, I need to more more - spending less time on my computer. Time to find projects to do around the house. (cleaning out your closets, basements, yard, etc) My goal is to lose 3 pounds this week, here we go....

Danielle's food journal:

Snack: (pre-workout) banana - 109 calories.
Breakfast: Red Delicious apple, Myoplex light chocolate shake - 250 calories.
Lunch:Baked Haddock, 2c. Salad mix, 2. tbsp Chickpea salad, 10 Wishbone spritzer sprays - 248 calories.
Snack:1/2c. lowfat cottage cheese, ruby red grapefruit - 180 calories.
Dinner:baked chicken breast w/ 2tbsp. dice tomatoes, 2 c. salad mix, 5 cherry tomatoes, 2 tbsp. Bolthouse dressing, 1/2 c. black bean veggie mix - 343 calories.
Snack: EAS Carb Control vanilla shake - 110 calories.

Danielle's fitness journal:

AM CARDIO: 45 min. Stairclimber (Reading Jillian's "UNLIMITED")
PM CARDIO: 45 min. Stairclimber (still reading)
PM STRENGTH: 60 min. Functional training strength class.

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