Thursday, April 7, 2011

Danielle's Daily Food & Fitness Journal

Day 4 Spring Slim-Down

Yeeha! Feeling good people! Have I told you that exercise is the best medicine? Have you ever met someone that has regretted a workout? I don't understand why people continue to avoid exercise, even though they know the benefits of it. Also, exercise makes you feel good instantly. It changes your spirit, your mind and your HOPE. Anyway, Yes! I'm addicted to taking care of my body. I want to live a long life. Food journaling has been proven to be 100% effective. Guess what? Journaling your daily exercise (fitness/activity) works too. I use a board, located on a door in my kitchen. I write down what form of exercise I do everyday and how long I do it for. On the days that I don't work out I have to write REST or NONE. (Believe me, you won't want to write REST or NONE too often) Journaling gives us accountability because we don't naturally lie to ourselves in writing. TRY IT! 

Here's a link to buy your own fitness board:

Danielle's food journal:
Breakfast: Muscle milk chocolate shake, banana, tea - 339 calories.
Lunch: Baked haddock,6 broccoli florets, 1 & 1/2c. Premium Romaine  salad mix, 2 tbsp. Chickpea salad, 3 cherry tomatoes, 10 Wishbone spritzer sprays - 261 calories. (a whole plate full of food, YUM)
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, 3c. Garden Salad, Bolthouse honey mustard yogurt dressing, 1/4c. Feta cheese - 400 calories.

Danielle's fitness journal:
AM STRENGTH: 60 min. Functional Training Strength Class - burned 370 calories.
PM CARDIO:40 min. Stairclimber.

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