Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another pet peeve....

Salad Dressing

Another one of my pet peeve's: "I don't understand why I am not losing weight, all I eat is salads." Check out the little measuring cup above, it's the kind you get with your cough medicine. Two tablespoons is actually a very small amount of salad dressing. So, if you are pouring salad dressing onto your salads, or ordering "Grilled Chicken Caesar Salads" - you are undoubtedly consuming hundreds of extra calories per salad. I challenge you to measure your favorite dressing with a cough syrup cup. (Ha! A serving is 2 tbsp.) You'd be better off having a pile of spinach, broccoli and a half of a sweet potato with your chicken breast. And if you are adding croutons & bacon bits, your not really trying to lose weight, are you?

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