Friday, May 28, 2010

The Great Water Debate

It doesn’t seem too long ago that people carried clear plastic water bottles with them everywhere they went. We didn’t know at the time that plastic water bottles containBisphenol A (BPA), a chemical linked to a number of health concerns. The plastic bottle went the way of the plastic grocery bag – out the window and banned from many North American households.

Experts recommend that we switch to aluminum or stainless steel water bottles, and if you haven’t yet made the switch, here’s why you should:

The Great Water DebatePoisonous Plastic

BPA is found in items such as plastic water bottles, plastic baby bottles, and in the plastic lining in metal food containers and carbonless copy paper. At this point, research has shown that exposure to BPA can disrupt endocrine function, throwing off the body’s tightly regulated system of hormones. Numerous studies have linked BPA exposure to a variety of cancers, reproductive issues, heart and lung disorders, neurological malfunction and obesity.

Metal to the Rescue

Now that there is greater awareness of BPA, I see people lugging their screw-top bottles everywhere they go. Stainless steel is a great option and can be purchased from companies such as Kleen Kanteen. Aluminum bottles, from companies such asSigg and Laken, are also good choices when they are made with BPA-free lining.

Consumer groups recommend that people wishing to lower their exposure to BPA avoid canned foods and polycarbonate plastic containers unless the packaging indicates the plastic is BPA-free. The National Toxicology Panel recommends that you avoid microwaving food in plastic containers, putting plastics in the dishwasher and using harsh detergents, to avoid leaching.

Tosca’s Tip

Keep your stainless steel or aluminum water bottle clean! Wash it daily by filling the bottle with warm soapy water. Swish it around a few times and then rinse the bottle out. To dry, sit the bottle upside down in your dish rack and let the water drain out. You can also rinse the bottle with a solution of one part vinegar to one part water.

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Tosca Reno

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