Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do you avoid late night cravings before bed?
Advice From You!

A few weeks ago, the You Tell Us daily question was:How do you avoid late night cravings before bed?

From the wide variety of answers we received, it’s safe to say there isn’t just one answer to this question, there are many!

Here are some of the helpful tips we received:

"I find late-night cravings normally come from boredom and not hunger.
I stay busy in the evenings and they pass without a pig out."

- Wendy_morley

"I have found that [cravings] are rarely hunger related for me and that they will pass. So I distract myself. I take a bath with a great Oxygen mag and I brush my teeth. Nothing tastes very good after that, and I would hate to do it again!"
- Heidi

"I go to bed!"
- Tatttt2

"With 5 meals a day and 100 plus oz of water, it's usually not an issue. However, when and if this problem arises, my answer is: ?water water water! I know that if my mind is saying 'snack,' it really means, 'H20.'"
- Italynette

"I brush and floss my teeth, and then use mouthwash to lose any tastes that linger and this helps me lose cravings."
- Idsmom33

"I just had a piece of gum – it helps when I have the late night munchies … something to chew on!"
- Cogmom

"I fix a nice steaming cup of decaf hot tea and sip it as I relax on the couch. It is calming and comforting."
- Odessa

Of course, as Eat-Clean Diet® Community members Toodlepip and Jolamar pointed out, if we are truly hungry we shouldn’t deny ourselves. To satiate your evening hunger, try having one of the following small meal options:

"One dried organic fig will do the trick for me."
- All4cate

"If I get the urge, I'll try to stick to fruits and nuts."
- Tanyaprud_homme

"Sometimes just a few spoons of yogurt/cottage cheese will do the trick."
- Toodlepip

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Tosca Reno

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