Friday, March 19, 2010

Going Glycemic

You've heard of the glycemic index, but do you know how it affects your health? Here's the breakdown:

Not all foods contain the same amount or type of carbohydrate which means that different foods boost blood sugar at different speeds and by different amounts. Nutritionists have come up with a way of measuring those rates: the glycemic index. Basically, this index assigns white bread the arbitrary number of 100 and measures every other plant food against it. The higher a food's number, the faster it elevates your blood sugar levels.

Foods that rate low on the glycemic index, or GI, metabolize more slowly, turn to body fat less readily, and may satisfy your hunger longer. A baked potato, for example, rates about 85 on the GI, while spinach and broccoli each rate below zero. Guess which one isn't on The Sonoma Diet food list and which others are Top Ten Sonoma Diet Power Foods?

Using the glycemic index, however, isn't the best way to plan your meals. A commercial chocolate bar with peanuts may rate fairly low on the GI — load sugar up with enough saturated fat and, yes, it will release more slowly in your bloodstream — but that doesn't make it a good choice if you're trying to lose weight or stay healthy.

So stick to The Sonoma Diet way of doing things. We've done the thinking, measuring, and ranking of all the foods for you. Your only job is to pick your favorites, put the right amounts on your plate, and enjoy!

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