Monday, March 29, 2010

Food & Nutrition
Using Meal Replacements

You've probably seen shakes and bars designed to be drunk or eaten in place of a regular meal. You may wonder, "Are they a good choice for weight loss?"

In general, it's better to learn how to choose healthy foodsand eat them in reasonable portions than rely on a shake or bar to do it for you. However, meal replacements can be a good choice if you use them to replace a meal, such as breakfast, that you would normally skip. They can also be ahealthy choice if you're caught in a pinch or need to eat on the go.

Keep reading to get our advice on using meal replacements wisely. Read more

Change for a Lifetime
Keep "Me" a Priority

As you continue your lifelong journey toward health and fitness, remember to keep putting yourself and your needs on your to-do list!

It's so easy to let the demands of family, work, friends, and other commitments take precedence in your life. For example, time for working out may get replaced by the need to chauffeur your kids to and from their scout meetings and dance classes. Or time for preparing healthy meals may get supplanted by a work project that requires extra hours — leading to more last-minute trips to the drive-through.

While shortchanging ourselves and our goals to meet the needs of others often seems like the right thing to do, it isn't a good long-term strategy. Keep reading for ways to ensure that you and your own needs stay at the top of your list. Read more

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