Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eggs: The Other Protein

Eggs may not pack the protein punch of most meats, but they're still a great source of protein because more of their fat is monounsaturated. What's more, the yolks are a great source of easily-absorbable lutein, an important antioxidant (also found in spinach and other green vegetables) that's great for your eyes and your skin.

By the way, the theory that eggs increase cholesterol levels in the bloodstream has been thoroughly debunked. One recent study found no difference in heart disease risk between those who ate one egg a week and those who ate one a day. Another study concluded that eating two eggs a day for six weeks had no impact at all on cholesterol levels. The key is to prepare your eggs healthily — large amounts of butter, cheese, and cream in the company of sausage and bacon aren't good for your cholesterol level or your waistline.

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