Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diet Tip

Ladies Who Lunch

Packing a lunch has come a long way from the days ofpeanut butter and jelly. When you're trying to maintain control over your food and eat at regular intervals, the brown-bag lunch is the perfect solution.

Don't tell me you don't have the time. If you went to a restaurant you'd have to sit around for 20 minutes before being served something dripping with grease and thickened with cornstarch. If there's time for that, then you definitely have time to spread hummus on pita or put a chopped saladinto one Ziploc bag and low-fat dressing in another (with the air squeezed out before sealing so it doesn't explode!).

It's surprisingly easy to prepare and pack delicious meals for when you're on the go — either to the office or facing a busy day that doesn't promise access to salad bars.

You may remember school lunches as being sparse and predictable: a sandwich, an apple, and a bag of chips. But you can add a touch of gourmet and pack so many small surprises and snacks that opening a brown bag is like peering into a Christmas stocking. I mean, who said lunch has to be a sandwich or a salad? Most offices have a microwave near the coffeemaker. Why not pack a can of soup from Healthy Choice or Health Valley? Didn't Mom always urge us to have the hot lunch in school?

And, about that hummus. It's not only a low-fat filling for wraps and pita pockets. You can use it as a condiment instead of mayo; its moist texture complements water-packed tuna or grilled chicken. When on its own, add cucumber slices for crunch and a spritz of fresh lemon for zing. How about a handful of whole-wheat crackers for dipping? If you're concerned about the sodium in packaged foods, put small portions of last night's dinner in plastic containers. Leftover pasta or chicken travels well, and every time you reach in the bag, you'll pull out a healthy surprise. http://www.bridalbootcamponline.com/

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