Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Developing " Aisle" Intelligence
You're committed to making healthy food choices, and that's great! Unfortunately, temptation lurks everywhere: Even when you decide to avoid fast food and hit up your supermarket, you're faced with aisles of unhealthy choices. That's why an important part of the 5-Factor Diet is learning how to navigate your supermarket. It may sound silly, especially if you feel that food shopping is second nature to you — but that's exactly why it's important to rethink how you do it. By following some simple guidelines, you'll quickly become a savvier and healthier food shopper (and you'll be less likely to "accidentally" drop a bag ofpotato chips into your cart!).
  • Shop early: Besides avoiding the crowds, you'll be able to pick the best cuts of meat and find produce that hasn't been poked and prodded by other shoppers. You'll also be more likely to think calmly and make careful choices.
  • Go on a full stomach: One of the biggest food shopping mistakes you can make is to roam the aisles when you're hungry. Why? When you're hungry, you're more prone to buying too much food, and you'll pick items that are high in sugar and fat! If you go feeling full, you'll have more patience to look for nutritious foods, and you'll shop much smarter.
  • Stick to the outside aisles: Most supermarkets keep their healthy foods around the perimeter of the store — and that's where you'll find most of the ideal 5-Factor foods, including fresh produce, low-fat dairy items, and lean meats.
  • Always have a plan: Make a list — and stick to it. Without a food list, you're more apt to buy unhealthy foods on an impulse.
  • Shop at the same store: When you're familiar with a store, it's much easier to find what you need — and you're less likely to wander into the junk food aisle!

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