Sunday, March 14, 2010

7 Favorite Energy Boosting Power Foods

I'm going to admit something…

…I eavesdrop on other conversations.

Not really all the time, but when I travel and, well, I am kind of stuck in a small space on a plane without anywhere else to go. Sometimes I don't have an option when people are on their phones talking loud enough for the entire plane to hear.

Yesterday my flights were delayed, so there was a lot to listen in on — I heard all about travel woes, meetings that were missed, and so on.

And the other thing I heard on my connection, that got in about 2 hours later than it should of, was how tired people were.

Isn't this common everywhere, though, not just on planes? I rarely hear "WOW am I full of energy today … so happy I got 8 hours of sleep and ate X this morning. I feel GREAT!"

But it's not just on a plane — the same "low energy" complaints are regulars among busy dads, overworked moms, and stressed out people as a whole.

So today is a list of 7 of my favorite "power" foods to reverse the "low energy" trend across the globe.

  1. Raw nuts. They've loaded with nutrients, satiating protein and fat, and can are made for the on the go person. They'll keep energy levels consistent versus the "highs and lows" of other common snack foods.
  2. Water. This one seems boring, but a lot of times hunger is masked by thirst, so rather than reaching for the first food you see, taking drink some cold water will help give you some clarity to stop focusing only on food.
  3. Packets of salmon: These are great because you don't need a can opener and you don't need to drain them like traditional canned fish. Loaded with healthy "brain" fat, salmon will go a long way giving your brain the fuel it needs.
  4. Colorful fruits and veggies. The more colorful the fruits and veggies, the more nutrients and antioxidants there are. And fruit is easy to pack if you're on the go — think about fruits that pack easily, like oranges, grapefruits, bananas, and apples. They'll give you a small dose of high fiber carbs you need to stay focused.
  5. Hardboiled eggs. For about $.20/egg, these are some of the absolute best "bang for your buck" foods available. Loaded with protein, healthy fats, and brain nutrient choline, you can't go wrong with snacking on these occasionally — have it with a piece a fruit and you're even better off!
  6. Tea. It's a nice "low dose" of caffeine, not a 400 mg coffee jolt that is common among the lattes seen at every corner. Black, green, or white … it doesn't matter. Just switch out the daily coffee habit for a few teas throughout the day … or if you don't drink coffee anyway, add the tea in there for a little "pick me up" midday.
  7. Red Bull and other energy drinks. OK, OK…I'm kidding … toss this junk in the garbage. Getting amped up on caffeine is no way to "boost" energy because you'll have a harder crash on the other side. Same with soda or any other high sugar juice cocktail.

There you have it. 7 simple steps to boost your energy and keep you rarin' to go throughout the day. Oh yeah, get enough sleep too — nothing is more important for keeping energy levels consistent, helping control body weight, and simply allowing you to feel and look better!

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