Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A 2009 study by Dutch researchers found that the closer people live to green spaces, the healthier and more energetic they feel. So boost your active lifestyle this spring with these easy strategies for getting back to nature.

Burn more fat

By Sarah Tuff

  • Bring your dumbbells outside!
  • Walk to the gym instead of taking the car.
  • Join a regular softball league.
  • Brown-bag your breakfast and stop at a park to eat on your way to work.
  • Ask your trainer to show you body-weight exercises you can do on the lawn.
  • Plan an outdoor picnic in a park with your girlfriends, and end it off with a friendly soccer or flag-football game.
  • Practice your yoga poses in the backyard.

Photography: Robert Reiff, Model: Kim Lyons, Hair & makeup: Nancy Jambazian

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