Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Do something you enjoy!
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Can you believe it’s already February? This is just the time we start to lose steam with our resolutions, especially the one about going to the gym regularly.

To keep myself motivated to return to the gym, I ensure my trip there is as pleasurable as possible. Here are 7 tips to make your trip to the gym feel more fun than dreary!

1. Music Makes the Time Fly. Music players are cheaper, smaller and easier to use than ever. I look forward to putting my earphones in and pumping iron to myfavorite upbeat tunes!

2. Plan Your Workout in Advance. If you aren’t familiar with working out yet, take some time to plan your workout routine before you hit the gym. If you acquaint yourself with the exercises you plan to do and the machines you’ll use, you’ll feel confident instead of anxious about your trip to the gym.

3. Track your progress. Record your measurements, take before and after photos, and always write down which exercises you are performing and the weight, speed and intensity with which you are executing them. Being able to see the progress you’re making at the gym will make each rep you complete that much better!

4. Organize Yourself. Is there anything worse than arriving at the gym to find you’ve left your shoes at home by the door? Give yourself enough time to pack your bag in advance. It’s a small thing, but trust me, you’ll feel less anxious because you’ll know you’ve got everything you need packed in your car ready to go.

5. Eat Clean. This is a no-brainer. If you’re feeling sluggish because you aren’t eating properly, you aren’t going to enjoy yourself at the gym. Following The Eat-Clean Diet® will give you so much energy you’ll feel like you need to get to gym to expend it!

6. Get Enough Rest. Ensure that you are taking enough time in between your workouts to allow your body to recover. Overtraining can result in muscle soreness, fatigue and irritability, all symptoms that will make your workouts harder and less pleasant.

7. Do Something You Enjoy. I can’t say this enough. If you truly hate running, are you going to put your all into it? Get creative and find ways to work your body in ways that you enjoy. When you love your workouts, you’ll have no problem finding a way to fit them into your schedule.

Keep it Tight!

Tosca Reno

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