Sunday, February 7, 2010

3 Cups of Tea/Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Drink up!

That’s what several studies seem to suggest – and we’re not talking alcohol.

Today is all about tea.

Recently we talked about the lack of sufficient evidence to demonstrate that green tea boosts weight loss.

But outside of that of the lack of evidence with boosting fat loss, there are a handful of studies that suggest drinking black tea is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease (green and white teas are great too).

In fact, 3 different studies showed as much as a 10-12% heart disease reduction!

Pretty powerful when you add in all the other factors we’ve covered.

How Does Tea Do THAT?

First, keep in mind that these people weren’t sedentary smokers who happened to drink a couple cups of tea each day and that's all.

There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle and drinking tea was just one positive habit.

With that said, tea is a fantastic source of an antioxidant called “flavonoids.”

And a handful of studies show flavonoids may improve endothelial function – very simply, we know if the endothelium does not function correctly it is considered to be an early sign of heart disease. So an improvement in endothelial function is a good thing.

Other data suggests regular consumption of tea may lower blood cholesterol levels too. All in all, it's a great source of antioxidants…

Overall pretty impressive … particularly when you replace calorie containing beverages with unsweetened, brewed tea, and add the tea to all the other lifestyle changes we're talking about on here.

Give it a whirl and your heart will thank you!

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