Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Dress/ Wedding Stress

Keep It Real

I know you're getting these newsletters because you want to look breathtaking in your wedding dress. To you, that is number one on the to-do list right now. But is it really?

Committing to this program is about more than just the way you'll look when everything's all said and done. It's not just about rock-hard biceps, glutes, and abs — it's not about an elaborately planned one-day party. It's about making a big change to your life at a time that's right — when you're making another huge life change. By doing Bridal Bootcamp and achieving your goals, you will have a hot bod, but most importantly, you'll have self-esteem and confidence as your most valuable assets.

You'll be the bride who walks down the aisle with a huge smile on her face, not one who looks totally awkward and uncomfortable. Plus, you'll have a new, confident attitude toward life, a feeling that the sky's the limit as far as what you can achieve — how's that for starting out your marriage on the right foot?

You can't buy these results. You've got to earn them. And you can do it. Keep doing it!

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