Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

I heard an interesting comment on the news the other day. The report was on the number of over weight children in this country. The reporter pointed out that part of the problem is that there are currently so many children who are over weight, that it is hard to tell what is normal, anymore. We can carry that one step further and see that the same is true for us adults, as well. Our ego or body based intellect is always in the process of comparing ourselves to others around us and a very normal thing for us to do as human beings. Read Full Article >>

Success Story of the Week - Natasha
This area is dedicated to weight loss success stories shared by our visitors. These are real stories from real people who have achieved real results. Each person shares their nutritional tips, exercise advice and insight about how they successfully lost weight and kept it off. Learn exactly what these people ate and what specific exercises they used to lose excess body fat and build lean muscle. We hope these stories will provide you with the motivation to make the changes that will make your life healthier and happier. Read Her Story >>

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