Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year, New Challenges!

New Year, New Challenges: Me and my new bike, my first time golfing and my first time bowling!

One of my resolutions this year was to try new things, big and small! In the last six weeks I’ve gone both bowling and golfing for the first time, I’ll be competing in a sprint triathlon in June of this year and I’m trying my hand at a number of different projects over the next while that I would never have expected.

Routines help us to form good habits, but they can also get us stuck in a rut. If you are feeling less motivated to hit the gym or stick with The Eat-Clean Diet®, try shaking it up a little! Even the slightest changes in routine can put some excitement into your everyday activities.

This month, I want you to try five things you’ve never done before. Take a crack at an intriguing recipe with ingredients you’ve never tasted; try a sport you’ve never tried; a machine you’ve never used at the gym; send a resume to a job you’re interested in; talk to a new person at your workplace; wear a piece of clothing you weren’t sure you could pull off – the possibilities are endless!

With these new challenges, you’ll feel a fresh enthusiasm for what used to feel ho-hum in your life. Personally, I am enjoying the challenge of taking on new trials and embracing the reality that I might not be so great at everything I attempt. I keep reminding myself that the chance I will enjoy my new ventures outweighs the risk of falling short, and that even if I don’t perform as well as I thought, the real success was that I tried at all!

Have a great week, everyone!

Tosca Reno

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