Monday, January 11, 2010

How Tammy Lost 142 Pounds!
Today I'm sharing the story of one my rock stars, Tammy! Just the other day she told me that she celebrated the two-year anniversary of the start of her health journey. She set her mind to losing weight back then and I've been so proud of her and impressed by her amazing results ever since. In fact, I even selected her as one of my Challenge winners two years ago. Now, she's now down 142 pounds from her starting weight! But she had to start somewhere — just like you.

Just over two years ago, Tammy was going through a rough patch. Her husband asked for a divorce and she questioned whether she was really happy. She made a list of what she really wanted her life to look like. She wrote down everything that came to mind; nothing was too big or too little. It included everything from "Go back to college and finish my nursing degree," to "Dare to have my beautician cut my hair with a razor instead of scissors." She carried that list around with her all of December and at the end of the month, she looked at all the things she'd written down and reevaluated her life. She decided to start with two items: a large change and a small one. On January 5, she had her hair cut with a razor and she began her weight-loss journey. This is where her story gets really good!

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