Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear New Year's Resolution Fans,

As strange as this may sound at first, certain foods require more
energy to process and digest than others do. And eating them regularly
can help you lose fat and stay energized throughout the day.

Many foods fit the bill as "high-energy" foods, such as celery, carrots, and
apples - just to name a few.

Simply eating a small portion of these types of foods right before your
meal, will give you all 4 of the benefits listed above, making it easier to
stick with your nutrition plan.

Sounds pretty simple, huh? It is.

Here's how it works...

* Eat a 1/2 of an apple 15 minutes prior to your first meal.
* Then eat a healthy breakfast that contains, a natural starchy carb, like
* And finally, include a protein source, such as a small protein shake.

...You'll find that you'll eat less, and your cravings for sugar will be
dramatically diminished. The pectin in the apple peel will help your blood
sugar stabilize and you'll be less hungry throughout the day and have more


* Eat a raw carrot (or several baby carrots) immediately before lunch.
* Then, eat a healthy lunch: a small portion of a natural starchy carb, such
as black beans or brown rice, some veggies, such as a salad, and a lean
protein, such as chicken, tofu, or fish.

* Eat 1-2 raw celery sticks (or similar veggie) prior to dinner.
* Then, eat a healthy dinner of a lean protein source with lots of veggies.
* Chicken salad, shrimp fajitas, or lean steak kabobs all work well.

Following these three easy steps can cause radical changes in your body's
ability to cleanse itself, burn more fat, stay energized, and prevent you
from overeating at each meal.

P.S. I bet I could show you at least 3 mistakes that you're making with
your nutrition alone ... and once corrected, you'd achieve MUCH better
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