Monday, January 11, 2010

Danielle's Daily Food & Fitness Journal

Monday Motivation!
Just curious if you are trying today? Trying to make good food choices, trying to think positive, trying harder during your DAILY workout? It amazes me how quickly people give up on themselves. NO WEIGHT-LOSS (fat-loss) is achieved without CONSISTENCY. You can't expect to lose if you only eat clean half of the week. You can't expect to lose if you only workout twice a week. You can't expect to be toned if you don't strength train weekly. YOU get what you put in. TRY....

Side Note: I'm looking forward to watching the Celtics tonight.

Danielle's food journal:
Breakfast: FiberOne english muffin (Olivio butter spray), 1c. Allwhites liquid eggs scrambled, 2 coffee - 300 calories.
Snack: Myoplex Lite protein shake - 170 calories.
Lunch: baked chicken breast w/ 2tbsp. Hunt's diced tomatoes, 1c. green beans, 1c. brown rice - 350 calories.
Dinner: baked tilapia, 1c. broccoli, 1/2 med. sweet potato - 300 calories.
Snack: apple - 100 calories.

Danielle's workouts:
PM Cardio: 45 min. Stairclimber, 45 min. Cybex Arc Trainer. I feel good! Fresh & alive!

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