Monday, January 4, 2010

Danielle's Daily Food & Fitness Journal

Day FOUR! Very interesting day so far. My started out perfectly, sipping on my protein shake while participating in my 9am strength class. I got the call around 10, "Mom, I'm really sick - can you come get me?" I drove 1 hour and 1/2 to pick up my sick girl. We just got in after a 5 hour stay in the Mount Auburn Hospital ER. She was dehydrated from getting sick for so many hours. She's resting now. I was not prepared, luckily I grabbed an apple and 1/2c. of cottage cheese before I hit the road at 11am. I never suggest going longer than 3 or 4 hours with out eating, I went 7. Yikes! I just finished my dinner and it was absolutely fabulous! When crisis strikes, make sure you are prepared with plenty of healthy food options. Tomorrow will be better...

Danielle's Food Journal:
Breakfast: Myoplex protein shake - 210 calories.
Lunch: 1/2c. low fat cottage cheese, 1 large red apple - 200 calories.
Dinner: baked chicken breast, 1/2 med sweet potato, 1 1/2c. steamed broccoli and red peppers - 350 calories.
Snack: Yoplait Light yogurt - 100 calories.

Danielle's workout:
AM Strength - 60 min. Functional Training (full-body) circuit.

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