Saturday, January 2, 2010

Danielle's Daily Food & Fitness Journal

Today was a great day. So far, so good. One day at a time, one meal at a time and one workout at a time. You should already be feeling lighter today - if you ate clean (used food journal) and exercised for 30 - 90 minutes. There's so many hours in a day yet, people seem to find excuses why they can't find one hour to take care of themselves. What I've learned is that weight-loss is about mindset. Staying in a positive, focused mindset is key. Right from the moment you decide to try, you'll have the devil (bad choices: to eat crap and not exercise) and the angel whispering in your ear. If the angel wins the majority of the debates, you'll be well on your way to winning the battle of the bulge. Too many people give up too soon. Some of you might of already given up. Tomorrow is a perfect day to try again...

Danielle's food journal:

Breakfast: protein and berry shake - 200 calories

Lunch: baked tilapia, 1/2 med baked sweet potato, 1c. broccoli florets - 300 calories.

Snack: med apple, 1/2c. low fat cottage cheese - 170 calories.

Dinner: baked chicken breast, 1/2 med baked sweet potato, 1c. green beans w/ almond slices - 350 calories.


Danielle's workouts:
AM Cardio: 30 min. stairclimber.
AM Strength: 50 min. functional strength circuit.
PM Cardio: 60 min. Cybex Arc Trainer.

* All this and I was out of the home for 6 hours today. (bringing my girl to a basketball game and then back to school) No excuses. Find time for YOU!

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