Monday, January 14, 2008

You Get What You Give
We'd all like a quick-fix solution to our problems, an express lane to our goals. But if you're looking for something meaningful, it calls for hard work and perseverance. A halfway job will produce halfway results. Remember, you will only reap the benefits of whatever effort you exert in the first place. While it's tempting to be lazy and cut corners, remember that down the road, you're only cheating yourself, and those cop-outs will become regrets. Draw from your inner strength to stay focused on your goals. A little more work today means a much better tomorrow.

Give Back to Yourself
Hard work might be its own reward, but it doesn't always provide the quickest gratification. You might find it easier to put in all that effort if you know there's something in it for you aside from a long-term goal and a sense of achievement. Treat yourself to something special (just not food!) when you've done something you need to. You will be much more motivated to work hard when you're being encouraged. So go for that funky pair of shoes, splurge on that new perfume, or enjoy a foot massage — you've earned it! Go to: for more tips!

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