Monday, January 21, 2008

Stronger Every Day
Think you can't handle the daily workouts? You might not know your own strength. Check out what one teammate has to say about exceeding expectations:
"I was way out of shape. The exercises really scared me, and I couldn't do any of them at first! After a month, however, I could get through the entire workout. Of course, since I just moved on to level 2, I'm back to struggling again! Here's my philosophy: You just have to try and do the best you can. I had to just stop thinking about it and DO IT! You can do this, too!"
See? Don't let yourself get stuck before you even get started. If you're intimidated today, you're not going to lose weight tomorrow, so get moving! You won't regret it when you see the pounds come off.

This Week's Challenge: Clear Your Mind
Today your mantra is "Breathe" — a word to clear your head and just let yourself be. Don't let the stress of a new week get you down — just take a breath and regroup.

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