Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Mantra: Staying Positive
Mantras are sounds, words, or phrases that calm us and direct our thoughts and actions. At Bikini Bootcamp, we use mantras to keep ourselves focused and renew motivation.
You cannot change the wind, but you can adjust
the sails.
We all have things about ourselves we wish we could change — the color of our eyes, the width of our hips, the way we sometimes snort when we laugh. Feeling frustrated about those things you can't change — especially other people — doesn't help. Instead, work on changing your attitude. Embrace who you are, including those things you can't change, and don't let the negativity of others discourage you from moving toward your goal. You are a strong, focused individual who can accomplish anything you set your mind to!
Create Your Own Fan Club
Getting the support of those around you will ultimately help you achieve your goals. So take the time to talk your family, friends, and coworkers about your new, healthy lifestyle. Explain that you need their support and encouragement, but that watching you like a hawk or commenting on everything you eat is not helpful. Try to emphasize that this is more than just a weight-loss plan — it's about developing a healthier mind, body, and soul.

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