Monday, January 14, 2008

Cheaters Who Lost!
The Clothes Make the Person

Overweight her whole life, Michelle G. was frustrated with her lack of success on diet after diet — until she found Cheat to Lose. "Not only was I able to stick with the plan, but over the course of ten weeks, I lost 12 percent body fat and 17 inches and even managed to gain several pounds of calorie-burning muscle and a lot of confidence," she exclaims. "All of my clothes are baggy now, and I'm actually excited about going clothes shopping! I'm finally out of plus-size clothing." For a clotheshorse like Michelle, that is the most exciting part of her weight loss. And since this is a plan she can stick with, she can get rid of those plus-size clothes for good.

Tip of the Day
Some Fashion Inspiration
Having trouble keeping yourself on the healthy path? You need something to look forward to when you've shed those pounds. Go out and get yourself an irresistible item of clothing you can't fit into now — maybe a new bathing suit, a killer blouse, or a pair of pants that you can't live without. Leave it hanging on your closet door, so when you see it every morning, you'll remind yourself of your goal. Once you finally fit into your new purchase, not only will you look great, but you'll also feel great about yourself for having the willpower to get there.
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