Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Sonoma Diet Daily

Beat the Cravings Cycle
While a smaller meal might logically seem as though it would help you lose weight, it's actually counterproductive to your diet — small meals usually leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied, which can lead you to overeat in the long run. The Sonoma Diet encourages you to eat full, delicious meals so you'll never walk away from the table feeling hungry. Learn how one member of The Sonoma Diet Online beat the cravings cycle:

"Have you noticed that it seems easier not to cheat on this diet? Occasionally I'll open the fridge to see what goodies are in there. I have two teenage boys, so usually there are none, but even if there is something that looks good, I end up realizing that I'm too full to eat anything at all! My body is actually getting what it needs. I have a lot of energy, and the cravings usually go away just as quickly as they come.I can't believe how full I am on this plan. I can barely eat all the portions. I made a Sonoma Express Salad that serves one and stretched it over the course of four different meals — once as a main salad, once as a side salad, and twice in a wrap. I actually lost 3 pounds, despite feeling stuffed!"
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Dr. Guttersen's Tip of the Day
Stretching a Salad
Salads are a great choice for lunch because they're so versatile. Keep your fridge stocked with washed salad greens and lots of nutrient-rich veggies. Make one big salad and enjoy it a number of different ways — as the main event, a side dish, or in a wrap — over the course of several meals.
DANIELLE'S COMMENTS: Let's see, what is the excuse for not bringing a salad from home? No time? There is always a fresh salad in my fridge. Empty a bag of Fresh Express salad into a Glad container, add tomatoes, (I love mushrooms), add whatever you like. Now you have a huge salad that will last for days. Oh, and don't forget to add some LEAN PROTEIN. (Tuna, shrimp, turkey breast, chicken, eggs, etc.)

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