Friday, September 7, 2007

The Sonoma Diet Daily

Mind Over Matter
Everybody struggles with weight loss, fights cravings, and gives in to temptation once in a while. You might even feel like giving up. When you're feeling discouraged, it's important to remember that you're not alone. Others have been through exactly what you're going through and have came out slimmer, healthier, and happier in the end.

Try to keep your lapses in perspective, and remind yourself that your body and mind are resisting change. It doesn't matter that the change is for the better. It's still change, and your brain is hardwired to resist it — or at least to be very cautious about accepting it.
Think about how many new habits you've been adopting. You're eating less food, more slowly. You're eating healthier foods in a greater variety. You've kicked what was probably a lifelong habit of loading up on refined flour and sugar. You've changed the kind of dietary fat you're consuming.

Your body thanks you every day for these changes. At the same time, though, your brain is wondering what happened to all that other food you used to love so much. Occasionally it will remind you about them. That's what cravings and temptations are — reminders of change. They're just thoughts. And you can deal with thoughts.
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Dr. Guttersen's Tip of the Day
Put It in Perspective
The Sonoma Diet is more than just a weight-loss program. It's also designed to help you break your worst dietary bad habit: Your addiction to sugar and refined carbohydrates. Eliminating this bad habit is important for your health, and important work is never accomplished easily. Give yourself a pat on the back for committing to this healthy change to your lifestyle!

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