Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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Key Relationships

We all have different emotional triggers — positive AND negative — when it comes to relationships in our lives. As you know, I consider these three key relationships crucial to your new, healthy lifestyle: a partner in crime, a role model, and a fan. One of our members recently overcame a plateau, and she has this to say about the people she's encountered along the way:

"We deal with many people along our weight-loss journey. In addition to the partner in crime, the role model, and the fan that Jillian suggests seeking out, each of us will inevitably encounter people who will try to sabotage our efforts. It may be a co-worker who always offers you salt-and-vinegar potato chips even though he knows you're watching your diet. Or it might be a close friend who loves you but somehow always seems to be in competition with you — this person will be alongside you, doing the laps and going the extra mile, but as soon as she sees your weakness, she'll cut in front of you and cause you to spin out.

Finally, there's the person who lectures you about diet and exercise. It could be your mother or a significant other. This person will tell you what to do; when, where, and how to do it; and why you should be doing it, but he or she will not do it with you.

Even though most of the time friends, loved ones, and co-workers can be wonderful sources of support, they also have the potential to push us off track. It's important to remember that we have the power to communicate our needs and to try to change these negative situations. It's also great to know that on Jillian's Message Boards we always have each other for support. In fact, I am sure that many of us would agree that we wouldn't be where we are today in our weight loss without the help and support of other members.

I've finally made it through my plateau. My capris are falling off me and I feel lighter already. Now I'm planning to do everything I can between today and Friday to make sure this plateau is history! Good luck, everyone!"
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