Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jillian's Biggest Loser Recap!

Episode Recap:
The Biggest Loser Premiere

So did you guys watch the show???
The newest season of The Biggest Loser kicked off last night with the most dramatic season premiere to date! If you missed it, here's a look at what we learned:

"Age is just a number!" Jerry — a 62 year old grandfather and the oldest contestant in Biggest Loser history — proved himself a SERIOUS competitor by not only dusting his younger competition in a mile-long foot race through the desert, but losing an incredible 31 pounds to take the title of Biggest Loser at the first weigh-in! The contestant that trainer Bob Harper kindly referred to as "Grandpa" not only proved he could hack it in the competition, but that he's the one the other contestants need to watch out for.

The competition is stiff this year. 18 contestants were challenged to run a race through the desert to their trainers, Bob and Kim, who had parachuted from a plane 14,000 feet above. Jerry finished first and became the captain of Bob's Blue team, while Phil, an ex-football player, finished second and was named captain of Kim's Red Team. The captains were asked to select the five teammates they wanted by their side, and send six people home. The job proved no easy task, as each contestant shared their emotional reasons for being in the competition. There was Lezlye, a victim of Hurricane Katrina, and twins Jim and Bill, who each desperately want the other to get healthy. Isabeau, just 21 years old, said she wanted more than anything to finally run the road race her fit family participates in every year.

It ain't over til it's over! The teams were chosen, and six people were left behind as the Red and Blue teams boarded a bus to the Biggest Loser campus. Just when they thought they were heading home defeated, guess who rides up on her big black motorcycle to give them the good news? Yup, ME. These underdogs are my Black Team, and we have two weeks of tough-as-nails training in the desert before we make our surprise return to the Biggest Loser gym. They only WISH they'd gotten to go home!

"There is no 'I can't!'' Back at the Biggest Loser Campus, the teams began training hard. In the middle of a Red Team workout, Amber showed signs of weakness in the competition by asking to be sent home. The Red Team did pull together to win this week's challenge, but in the end Jerry's 31-pound weight loss led his Blue Team to victory at the first weigh in, and Amber's words came back to haunt her as the Red Team voted to send her home. (In an update after the show, we learned that Amber has lost 65 pounds and counting since leaving the Biggest Loser Campus!)
Next week: My Black Team makes their dramatic return to the Biggest Loser Campus! After two weeks of hard training in the middle of the desert, my team is ready to show the people who sent them home just what they're made of — you DO NOT want to miss the looks on Bob and Kim's faces when we crash their next weigh-in!

Danielle's Comments: I cried my ass off last night. It was very emotional!!

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