Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Harley's Daily Challenge

Breaking a Sweat
Yvon didn't think exercise could fit into her life before she started the 5-Factor Diet. "I wanted to lose my belly," she says, "but I was completely unmotivated to work out, because most programs looked too long and complicated to start. I found 5-Factor to be well structured and extremely easy to maintain." With our busy schedules, it's sometimes hard to set time aside for a workout, but challenge yourself to do it five days a week and you'll start dropping the pounds like Yvon! You need only 25 minutes a day. You can do it!

Portable Gym
If you're not yet ready to plunk down that membership fee, have no fear — our workout system is designed to help you tone and firm almost anywhere. Got a step nearby? An exercise ball? A pair of dumbbells? Then you're set! It doesn't matter whether the gym closes before you get home, or that your spandex is not (yet!) ready for public viewing. You can do these simple routines in the comfort of your living room. Now there's no excuse for not getting in shape!
DANIELLE'S COMMENTS: Ha!! I love this one. Excuses, excuses. I bet I could teach you 100 exercises that you could do with a stability ball and (1) set of dumbbells. It comes down to "HOW BAD YOU WANT?" Getting fit and lean doesn't just happen, you have to put in the work! Right Bonnie??

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