Monday, September 10, 2007

Harley's Daily Challenge

Welcome to today's edition of Harley's Daily Challenge. Harley Pasternak, one of Hollywood's leading fitness trainers, challenges you to get in celebrity shape with tips and tricks from his 5-Factor Diet Online program.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
When you're trying to stick to a diet and fitness plan, many things can get in your way: dining out with friends, going to family gatherings, holiday dinners, and parties, and a whole lot more! Challenge yourself to uphold your commitment to the 5-Factor Diet no matter where you are or whom you are with. Just remember that in the end it will be worth it! A healthier, leaner, more toned version of yourself will be sitting beside your friends — and they'll all be jealous of how terrific you look!
Chill Out
Sure it's tempting to end the day with a quick dinner out — but it's also going to cost you, in more ways than one. If your freezer is stocked with frozen chicken, fish, and vegetables, you have what you need to pull together a healthy, quick meal when you get home. Make sure to leave your chicken or fish to defrost in the fridge before you leave in the morning. When you get home, add those frozen veggies and a little seasoning, pop that baby in the oven, and in no time you'll have a 5-Factor-friendly, delicious meal ready for you. Once you've taken one simple step toward dinner ahead of time, you won't want to break the commitment.
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