Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Harley Pasternak's Daily Tips....

Cheating Without the Beating
You know you're on a good diet when some of the rules can be broken. For every week that you are good to yourself on the 5-Factor Diet, you can have a day to break loose. Improving your lifestyle is not easy, so make sure to leave room for some minor rebellion to avoid feeling deprived. You may find, though, that the more you eat right and light, the less you crave all those candy bars calling your name in the snack aisle.
For more information on the 5factor diet, go to: www.5factordiet.com
DANIELLE'S COMMENTS: I'm definitely a fan of the "cheat meal". I think a day of eating poorly can totally diminish whatever loss you may have achieved during the week. I think once you've established some success and you've adapted to exercising daily, more than one cheat meat a week doesn't hurt. Remember, how bad and how fast do you want it??

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