Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Denise Austin's Morning Stretch....

Exercise Keeps Your Brain Young!
Exercise doesn't just keep your body looking young, it keeps your mind young, too, according to researchers from Ohio State University. With just 10 weeks of regular aerobic activity, they found study participants significantly improved their emotional, physical, and cognitive skills! Even more importantly, when researchers followed up a year later, those who were still exercising had maintained the positive mental gains, while those who had stopped had lost them!
Researchers still aren't sure exactly why exercise perks up mental prowess, but they speculate that increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain may be the key. Mimic the study results by working out at least three times per week for an hour. Aim to work up to a daily dose of brain-boosting movement! Don't you feel smarter already?
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Exercise is worth it because you are worth it!
DANIELLE'S COMMENTS: The only person you hurt by not exercising is YOU. Seriously, if you don't make your appointment with me or you don't come to class, YOU are the only person that loses out on the conditioning. YOU know it feels great when your finished. Just change your mind and get back to YOU!!!

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