Monday, September 10, 2007

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No More Excuses!
Are you an expert at finding reasons to fudge your eating guidelines? There's always a good excuse for eating a candy bar just this once, or piling up the pork loin so it overflows the plate, or choosing white rice instead of brown. You're in a hurry, the pork would have been wasted, and the store was out of brown rice. And so on.

Excuses sabotage your diet. Deal with them. Get a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the excuses you make in order to eat what you shouldn't. Keep the paper and pen handy because you'll surely come up with new ones as the days go by.

Then, alongside each excuse, list a way to address it that makes sense given the way you live. If your excuse for eating a toaster waffle in the morning instead of the Bikini Bootcamp breakfast is that you don't have time, write next to that excuse, "Get up 15 minutes earlier." If your excuse for adding sugar to your coffee is "That's what I'm used to," write down "Get used to artificial sweetener or unsweetened coffee."

True, writing down solutions is no guarantee you'll carry them out. But when you see in black and white how easy it can be to overcome your excuses, the solutions will be harder to ignore. Try it.
Keeping It Together
At Bikini Bootcamp, we're all about keeping journals. If you write your list of excuses in your food journal, you can look at it in context with your other eating habits. Maybe your little lapses are part of a bigger problem. Keeping all your notes and observations in the same place will help you see the big picture.
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