Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Buzz from..........BIKINI BOOTCAMP

Water It Down
Watching what you drink is a simple way to get your body in bikini shape! Sodas, juices, sweet coffee and tea drinks — all can add unwanted sugar and calories to your day, which makes it harder to take off the pounds. Switching to water — the ultimate thirst quencher — can get you on the right track. Just follow the example of Cyndi, a successful Bikini Bootcamper. Here's what she says:
"I didn't even realize how many calories I was taking in each day with this frap, that soda, and whatever else. What a waste! Now I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere and fill it up often throughout the day. I'm never thirsty for very long, and I can see the difference in how I feel — much more alive. And there are fewer calories to burn!"
Flavor Boost
Not a big fan of water? Squeeze in a little lemon, drop in some fresh mint, or try drinking super-chilled water after an intense workout. You can get accustomed to water like anything else; you just need to make it a priority. Start with a simple resolution: Have water with your food every time you eat out (hey, it's free!). Once you're used to the taste, you may find anything else to be too sweet.
Go to: www.bikinibootcamp.com for more information.

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