Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer is nearing the end....

Dear Readers:
Knowing swimsuit season is almost over means I'm a workout slack-off. Soon, fall sweaters will hide it all, right? Not exactly. If the fall clothes I'm seeing in stores are any indication, it looks like the “slim silhouette” is back, which means now is no time for skipping workouts.

So this week, I'm hitting the gym in earnest, in the hopes that I'll at least be able to get one leg into my new skinny pants. I work out a lot harder on a treadmill (less chance of cheating), but it is boring. These kicked-up routines will help you actually enjoy your walk (or run) to nowhere. And stubborn calories are no match for these fat-blasting cardio challenges. Bring a friend to keep you motivated, and try these exercises for two.I'm all for minimizing the amount of time I spend at the gym, so I found a ton of tips for burning more fat in less time. For those of you ready for a serious challenge, check out the absolute toughest workout classes around the country -- are you brave enough to join one?

No matter what your fitness level, getting started with an exercise program can be as easy as joining the gym, and as fun as fitting into sexy, new fall clothes!
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