Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Sonoma Diet Daily

Get Healthy With Grains
Lots of diets discourage you from eating grains or ban them altogether. This isn't an ideal way to lose weight. Take grains out of the equation and you'll not only be craving them like mad, you'll also fill your meals with foods that are high in unhealthy fat and cholesterol. With The Sonoma Diet, you'll not only eat grains, you'll also have the opportunity to try ones you may never have considered before. Here's what one member has to say about incorporating grains into her diet:

"I like being able to look in my cupboards and fridge and know that I can eat anything in them! Having your kitchen 'Sonoma ready' not only removes the temptation to eat unhealthy foods but also saves a lot of time during meal preparation. The grain choices are my favorites because they've allowed me to try new foods like tabbouleh, couscous, and whole grain pasta. They make great sides with salads and meat dishes. I always keep two kinds prepared in my fridge!"
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Dr. Guttersen's Tip of the Day
Much More Than Pasta

When you think of whole grains, you probably think of whole wheat bread or pasta. The Sonoma Diet, however, encourages you to try a wide variety of healthy grains, including quinoa, soba noodles, wild rice, black rice, and bulgur wheat.
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