Friday, August 31, 2007

The Buzz from........BIKINI BOOTCAMP

Running Out of Energy
Q: I enjoy running for exercise — it's such an exhilarating feeling — but it really wipes me out. I usually end up quitting after just a few minutes. Should I give up hope of ever fitting into my bikini?
A: When you look at the calorie-burn potential, yes, running three miles burns more calories per minute. But walking three miles - though it takes longer - burns the same number of calories overall. We recommend walking because it doesn't put as much stress on your joints as running, and most people find it easier to fit a walk into their day. Furthermore, studies show that walkers tend to keep off more of the weight they lose than runners do. But if you love running, you may want to try interval training — alternating short spurts of running with longer amounts of walking so you won't feel as tired.
The Right Form
To maximize the bikini benefits of walking — and to prevent injury — make sure you're moving with the proper form. First things first, stand up straight and tall; hold your stomach in and keep your knees slightly bent. As you take a step, land on your heel and roll forward onto the ball of your foot and then your toes. As you take your next step, lift your heel and push off with your toes. If this feels awkward, practice. You'll get the hang of it!

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