Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Buzz from..........BIKINI BOOTCAMP

Healthy Living
Eating right, exercising, and taking care of yourself can be tough when you have so many other responsibilities. You may think that healthy eating requires lots of preparation and bland food, and that exercising is a waste of time because you don't see the changes right away. At Bikini Bootcamp all those thoughts will disappear. Just see what Latisha, one of the Bootcampers, has to say:

"I used to think healthy food meant tasteless food, and that exercise was boring and a chore. But Bikini Bootcamp has changed all that! Thanks to the scrumptious food, and exercises that are always changing, I have a new, positive view on eating healthy and exercising! One of the best parts of it all is that for the first time, I see changes in my body from exercising that I have never experienced!"
Throw Out the Doubt
Don't think you can do it? Think again. All you have to do is get rid of those doubts and negative thoughts and replace them with more positive, "I know I can," statements: "I know I can lift the weights," "I know I can eat a smaller portion," and so on. If you think positively about all the things you think you can't do now, you'll be able to do them when you put your mind, body, and hands to work!
Go to: www.bikinibootcamp.com for more information.

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